PART I - Experiences of the Light
~ The Transforming Event
~ Sharyn's Near Death Experience (NDE)
~ Waking up to the Magic of Life
~ Sharyn's NDE in Comparison
~ The Glory of the Light
~ The Transforming Power of the Light
~ Except Ye Turn and Become as Little Children
~ The Playfulness Of Pure Spirit
~ My Childhood Experiences And Children's NDEs
~ Be Ye As Adults.....
~ The Medium Is The Message
~ My First Experience With The Light
~ Describing the Undescribable
~ Demonstrations from the Masters
~ Background Comes to Stay
~ Confirmation of the Third Eye Breakthrough
~ The Infinite Point of Light
~ An Honored Guest at Christ's Table
~ The Draw Towards Growth and Enlightenment
~ The Entire Universe in Each Focus
~ The Light Draws Me Near
~ The Fountain of Infinite Possibilities
~ As Supreme Awareness: So Many Stories to Tell
~ Our Love of Virtual Reality
~ Sharyn Writes about her NDE

PART II - Meditation Exercises
~ Near Death: A Necessary but not Sufficient Condition
~ Dying to See the Light
~ Inviting a Shift
~ Meditation for NDErs
~ Wrapped in Love
~ Guiding Affirmations on the Path
~ Meditate on Being Supreme Awareness
~ Immersion in the Light
~ References



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When I do anything, I am THAT engaging in one of my plays in my creation and do it with love, joy and bliss.  Whenever I feel the troubled water of churning emotions, I remember with great joy and a smile on my face, I am THAT cruising through rough emotional waters I created.  If I am caught by a mood or feeling, I may go under with it because it is so intense, but I immediately go to my one practice and think or say    "As Supreme Awareness......"