For some people, there is nothing that can be more invigorating, motivating and  progressive than attending workshops. In Center of Light workshops, time is taken to explore each individual's own orientation to their higher energies, or God. From the understandings that come in the workshop, the participant can be guided to new techniques to expand their awareness and to tune into the various portals to divine experience. The highest understandings and experiences are made available through meditative processes. The participant can take these techniques with them to use as tools for their own growth and development.


In counseling sessions there is the freedom to explore any aspect of life that hinders the feeling of wholeness. Any limited notion a person holds about themselves can prevent them from experiencing the wholeness of their higher being.  Therefore, attitudes, feelings, beliefs and behavior can all be used to cover the spiritual core, like mud on our windshield doesn't allow us to see the whole vista. These barriers can be worked through with guided conversation, guided imagery, contemplations, meditations and through dreams, since dreams can be seen as messengers from the soul.  Like mud can be removed, so these limiting tendencies can be released.


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