*A.I.W.P. is a church that is open to all paths that lead to the recognition of a person's wholeness. It hosts many Spiritual Counselors and Teachers around the U.S.. The initials stand for Association for Integration of the Whole Person.



The gossamer wings of light

play upon the cracks of existence

until one day, when all is calm,

they glisten,

riding the wind of the night

to bring the dawning of a day so bright

that darkness melts into its source  - rj

Ron Jones, Ph.D. is a Spiritual Counselor and workshop leader in San Jose, CA. He has spent most of his adult life focused upon attempting to understand life's secrets. As a young man in his twenties, he reached out to meditation teachers and experienced what he later learned was a spiritual awakening. Since then, he has followed the paths that beckoned him, ending up on a yoga meditation path for 40 years that has intensely deepened his experience of "The Light".  As an ordained Spiritual Counselor of AIWP*, he counsels, teaches and trains seekers of any path to also deepen their contact with the light within themselves. With counseling sessions and workshops he guides seekers through the challenges they face in expanding into their inner light.

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